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Beer, wine and spirits (liquor) to B2B. No B2C.

Guidelines to shipping to Business (Licensees) Guidelines for shipping to individuals/consumers
For all U.S. inbound import shipments containing alcoholic beverages, the consignee must be licensed and authorized to receive the alcoholic beverages. Duty is varied based on type of wine, alcohol content.
We can offer express services for packages containing wine, beer or spirits for delivery to a consumer. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that a shipment tendered to by our nomindated carrier does not violate any U.S. federal, state or local laws, or regulations applicable to the shipment. Average clearance time is 1 to 2 business days for FDA clearance.
Please provide the following:
– Power of Attorney (POA)
– FDA facility registration number
– Manufacturers name and address
– Detailed description on invoice including type of wine, bottle size and alcohol content
– Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) or waiver letter from TTB.
At present, only able to deliver alcohol to licensed importers to the following states
Alabama* (AL), Arkansas* (AR), California* (CA), Colorado* (CO), Connecticut (CT), Florida*
(FL), Georgia (GA), Illinois* (IL), Kentucky* (KY), Louisiana* (LA), Michigan*(MI), Minnesota* (MN), Missouri*
(MO), New York* (NY), North Carolina* (NC), Oregon* (OR), Pennsylvania* (PA), Tennessee* (TN), Texas*
(TX), Washington (WA), Wisconsin* (WI) and US Territory – Puerto Rico*. Those states with an * (asterisk)
also require a state level alcohol permit as well as the Federal Permit which is required in all states. FDA prior
notice is also required for all alcohol shipments. Imports destined for any other state or to private individuals
will be returned upon arrival.
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