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Beer, wine and spirits (liquor) to B2B and B2C.

Guidelines to shipping to Business (Licensees) Guidelines for shipping to individuals/consumers
If invoice value over USD 1,000, Importer must provide import license/permit from the National Treasury Administration, Ministry of Finance. Whiskey imports require a Certificate of Origin. • A photocopy of the alcohol importer license or an approval issued by the Ministry of Finance is required, provided that the importation quantity exceeds 5 liters – this is for B2B and B2C
• Because an alcohol importer license is required for quantity exceeding 5 liters, B2C shipments must stay below this limit – otherwise, the shipment has to be returned to the shipper or abandoned
Beer, wine and spirits (liquor) to B2B and B2C.
For shipments greater than 10 liters, importer must provide:
• Import license/permit
• Excise and/or bond forms
• Ingredient analysis
• Manufacture Process list
To import, a license
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