Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship wine to any location around the world?

We can ship to many, but not all, countries. This is due to international trade restrictions & laws such as Government-enforced trade embargos and regulations on the importation of alcohol.

For more full information on the status of shipping destinations to specific countries, and more specifically whether your preferred shipping destination can have wine sent to it, please email us on

Can we ship any volume of wine to any country?

Some destinations have little-to-no restrictions, allowing for any volume of wine to be shipped there. However, other countries do have volume limits on what can be imported for personal consumption.

Please note that there is also often a difference between what can be shipped as a “trade sample” (i.e. business-to-business) and what can be shipped for personal consumption.

For more information on the capability of shipping wine to specific countries, please email us on

How long does it take to ship wine?

For smaller volumes, we will ship via express airfreight; this process normally takes 3-5 days to arrive at the final destination. The customs clearance process can vary from country-to-country, meaning additional time may be added to the final delivery. However, we will monitor and expedite the process where possible.

For larger volumes of wine, we also use sea freight services. If you’re sending large quantities of wine per shipment (i.e. in excess of 30 bottles) please contact us directly on

How much will it cost to ship wine?

This depends on the weight and volume of the wine, as well as the final destination of the shipment.

For more information on pricing, please contact us directly on

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